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Multimedia projects

As a result of working with Liquid Audio, we have undertaken a variety of internet projects involving audio streaming and download. The blue chip companies for whom these projects were developed also required careful internet security provisions.

Liquid project Liquid Audio - we have worked extensively with this California based start-up, designing and implementing a number of secure online music services using their technology.
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Dreamworks project Dreamworks - we developed a high security voice auditioning system for internal use at their studios in Hollywood. Non- disclosure prevents us from giving any more details. There is no public interface to this sytem.

Warner project Warner - in this case we developed a secure sound-clip library system, with a web based search function, for this major animation studio. This allowed them network access to their store of sound-clips. This system is for Warner internal use only.

Amazon project Amazon - we developed a very high capacity music streaming service that allowed Amazon customers to listen to music clips before purchasing either full tracks for download or the physical CD.
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R & R project Radio & Records is a dominant force in the promotion of music in the US. We helped develop a secure music distribution system that allows subscribing radio stations to preview music, often the latest releases from major artists. There is no public interface to this service, it is only available to subscribing radio stations.

Roland project Roland - by developing the Liquid Music Network with layout seperate from the written content we were able to redevelop it for use by Roland very quickly. Their version had the additional feature of allowing members of the public to publish music to the site. (This service is no longer active.)

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